Healthy Snacks Kids Will Love

It is a well known fact that kids are the pickiest eaters and most brutal critics when it comes to their food.  If they don’t like something, they aren’t afraid to let you know.  Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of hearing “NO!” and dodging food being thrown back at me when I was a nanny.  So how do you put something healthy in front of a child without having to wear a smock and hair net in anticipation of it flying back at you?  Here are some tips: Give the food fun names to peak a child’s interest, and make sure there is enough flavor that they don’t realize what they are eating is good for them!  Another fun tip…if it’s fun for the child to create, it’ll be fun for them to eat!

Ants on a Log: This one takes an old favorite and kicks up the imaginative fun.
You’ll Need: Celery, Peanut Butter or Almond Butter, Raisins

Cut celery into snack size pieces and spread either peanut or almond butter in the canal.  Top with raisins to look like ants…on a log.

Banana Nut Popsicle: A healthy snack that tastes like a special treat.
You’ll Need: Popsicle sticks, Wax paper, Banana, Peanut butter, Nuts or Cereal.

Cut a banana in half and spread peanut butter to cover banana.  Once peanut butter is on, roll the banana in cereal or nuts of your choice (that is still healthy).  Place banana’s on wax paper and freeze!

Fruit Popsicle: A healthy and fun alternative to popsicles without all the added sugars.
You’ll Need: Natural fruit juice low in sugars, popsicle sticks, freezable molds (or ice trays).

Pour the juice of choice in a popsicle mold or even an ice tray.  If using an ice tray or mold without a top, cover with plastic wrap and stick a popsicle stick or toothpick through into the juice.  Freeze!

Apple Volcano: A fun alternative to the boring peanut butter dipped apple.
You’ll Need: Peanut butter and an Apple

Core an apple and stuff the center with peanut butter.  This gives a child incentive to eat the entire healthy apple.  You can get mini apples in the grocery store for portion control!

Cinnamon Apple Pie: Not a fully baked pie, but it tastes as good as the name sounds!
You’ll Need: Granny Smith Apple, cinnamon (NOT cinnamon sugar)!

Slice the apple and sprinkle cinnamon on top. It gives it a fun sweet taste that seems dessert like, but without any of the bad calories.

Fruit Yogurt Pop: A delicious new way to introduce yogurt into their diet.
You’ll Need: Yogurt, Berries, Popsicle sticks, Foil, Paper Cups

Blend the yogurt and berries in a blender until your child’s desired consistency (fruit chunks or smooth).  You may add honey for a bit of an added sweet taste.  Pour mixture into paper cups and cover with foil.  Insert Popsicle sticks into cups and freeze.  Once fully frozen, about 5 hours in, peel paper cups off popsicles and enjoy!

About Dish Out The Skinny

I am currently a certified personal trainer on the challenging and rewarding path to becoming a registered dietitian. Life is hard enough...staying healthy doesn't have to be! With the ever changing "rules" to staying healthy, my goal is to create a simple blog so that the average person, like myself, can understand the ins and outs of the world that is fitness and nutrition.
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