About This Blog

Today’s health driven world puts more “natural”, “organic,” and “fat-free” products on the supermarket shelves than we know how to sift through or even pronounce.  We are constantly being told to lead a healthier lifestyle in the food we eat and way we exercise, by “eating this, and not that,” but rarely are we made to understand why.  Eventually, when we think we’ve finally got the hang of it, we are often faced with contradicting scientific facts, leaving us dazed and confused…and typically worried we’ll eat ourselves into cancer!

The point of this blog is to help the average person, much like myself, who is looking to lead a healthy lifestyle, to better understand the ever changing trends in nutrition and what all that scientific banter really means.  This blog should help end common food misconceptions and myths, simplify the rules for eating healthy, and show us how to preserve the temple that is our body.

I will address the common questions and concerns about what to eat and why that often haunt our supermarket adventures with information gathered from accredited sources.  However, if anyone has any questions or ideas of their own, I would love to do the research for you and post a thread addressing you’re question and hopefully rid you of the confusion.

I hope this blog helps everyone to better understand the complex thing we call “nutrition.”


Suggestions? Comments? Let me know!

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