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I am currently a certified personal trainer on the challenging and rewarding path to becoming a registered dietitian. Life is hard enough...staying healthy doesn't have to be! With the ever changing "rules" to staying healthy, my goal is to create a simple blog so that the average person, like myself, can understand the ins and outs of the world that is fitness and nutrition.

What is a Calorie and How to Manage Them for Weight Maintenance and Loss

You don’t have to know a lot about nutrition to be well aware of this one particular word: calorie.  Calories are like Peter Pan’s shadow, no matter how hard you try and shake them they follow you EVERYWHERE! But what … Continue reading

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Protein Shakes Made Easy

Making a protein shake shouldn’t require as much effort as the workout prior did.  It doesn’t have to be a messy endeavor and there is no need for a giant blender.  Not if you have the Cuisinart Smart Stick! I … Continue reading

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Spinach Strawberry Avocado and Salmon Salad

Here is another super quick, easy, and delicious recipe for you that packs a mean antioxidant punch!  It contains exactly what the name suggests and makes for a great summertime lunch.  The hardest part of this salad is poaching the … Continue reading

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Seasons (52) of Love

Today I have found a sense of hope for eating out and staying healthy…as well as a new favorite restaurant in which I will soon become the equivalent of Norm from Cheers!  This wonderful place is called Seasons 52.  Upon … Continue reading

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Lentil Chili

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Chili is one of my favorite dishes of all time.  However, the sluggish feeling you get after eating such a heavy dish is not.  I spent many nights slyly adding “Lord, please bless this earth with healthy delicious tasting chili,” … Continue reading

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Finding Your Target Heart Rate

Most people know that one of the best ways to ensure you are getting the most out of a cardiorespiratory workout is to monitor your heart rate, making sure to keep it in your target heart rate zone.  However, what … Continue reading

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The Perfect Running Companion – GPS Garmin Forerunner 405CX

This past week and a half I have been on vacation enjoying sunchine, relaxation, oh and vacation food –foods on my no fly list! Don’t get me wrong, I was visiting a whole slew of phenomenal chefs and we had … Continue reading

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