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Busting The Carbohydrate Myth: Why We Need Carbs

One diet after another is hitting the market telling us to limit our carbohydrate intake because it’s making us fat…and we listen. After all, who are we to question what the “experts” say, right? Carbohydrates have been getting a bad … Continue reading

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Protein all the Whey

In the exercise world we are constantly hearing about protein.  This is most likely because not only are essential amino acids the building blocks for muscles, skin, nails, and other body tissues, but research also shows it can help improve … Continue reading

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Chocolate Milk Motivation

Need a better inspiration to work out? How about rewarding yourself with a favorite childhood treat: Chocolate milk?  You read that right.  Recent studies have shown low-fat chocolate milk provides a better carbohydrate/protein ratio than other sports drinks, proving to … Continue reading

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